Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Normalizing Nursing in Public League (The NNIPL)

Little did I know how strong my feelings would become on a mothers right to feed her child anywhere until a friend was harassed at a local restaurant. I somehow had never heard of anyone being harassed before, and even after nursing my own child for over 18 months I had never experienced negativity. Her situation was a huge eye opener for me, and it turned out not to be an isolated incident. Once I got into the mainstream it seemed like these stories were happening everywhere and everyday! That's when I had to start up the NNIPL group on Facebook. I felt the strong urge to share stories of positive and negative experiences of family's breast feeding in public. Very quickly our 1000+ fan base let me know that I was not alone in wanting to rally together and support each other.

Check your state laws to know your rights! These statutes are there to protect a mother from being charged with indecent exposure or other violations, and if you live in a state that has no protection this DOES NOT mean it is illegal for you to breastfeed in public. It just means you are not excluded from some jerk ruining your day. If you are harassed, don't let it slide! File a report with First Right to make sure the next mom does not have to go through what you did. Taking a stand is not always easy, but it is always the right thing to do.

One of my favorite (giant eye roll of sarcasm) arguments is the "why can't you just cover up" one. Well, guess what folks... covered or uncovered you can't see anything unless you are trying darn hard to look. I called for a contest of fans to upload videos showing just how hard it is to cover up when your child does not want it, and this is one of my favorite videos by Kind of a Hippie Mom. Cracks me right up! Way funnier than my video;

Please join the NNIPL revolution on Facebook. You can purchase NNIPL-wear at two different Cafe Press shops. The first one is for logo only gear and the second one has slogans and other exciting things.


  1. omg. that video is GREAT!.... you can't even see ANY breast whatsoever.. I hope that I can become a "public nurser" someday (soon.. like March. haha).

    Mommy's Make the BEST (BREAST) food!!

  2. my daughter used to do that, now with my son... i haven't even tried to cover up!