Thursday, November 25, 2010

Events to Promote Breastfeeding

As a big advocate of breastfeeding and also as a person whom often thinks outside of the box... I like to think of creative ways to promote breastfeeding and normalize it. Something I did this past summer is host a "Boobs and Brunch" event at my home. We hired a professional photographer who gave us a fantastic group discount on individual mini-photo shoots capturing intimate breastfeeding moments. Here are the photos from that fun event;
This is something I certainly plan on hosting again, and this time I will step it up a notch with boob shaped brunch food, lactation cookies, and all kinds of other silliness.

Another fun idea is a nursing necklace making event. Gather together with girlfriends and shared supplies to make wonderful nursing necklaces that your nursling will abuse for months to come.

Maybe do a photo shoot and make a personalized calendar to showcase your breastfeeding achievement every month! Do the photo shoot with girlfriends and share photos, make collages, all kinds of fun things!

Have a "Milk, it's what's for dinner" party at a local restaurant. Meet other nursing mothers, bring the husbands, and enjoy a dinner party surrounded by like-minded people who will support you when the inevitable time comes that a nursling gets hungry.

Weekly or monthly meeting with other nursing mothers at a local coffee shop where you can chat and nurse in a supportive environment.

Not only are these types of events fun - they also help to build a breastfeeding community in your life and normalizing nursing in general.

What ideas do you have?

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