Friday, November 5, 2010

Apparently, I'm a milk missionary

I got to nurse today. A full, empty both breasts, belch her head off nursing. It was so amazing! And it wasn't my baby.

Whatttttttttttttttt? Did you read that right?

Why yes, you did read it right! Meg hooked me up with a mama who feeds her baby almost purely donor milk from another state. She was coming into town and didn't want to bring her stash in case something happened to it and wanted to know if someone would be able to donate about 60 oz to get them through. Christaaaaaaaaaaa to the rescue. Of course, as you all know, my supply is I-N-S-A-N-E so I was more then happy to be able to help them out. They came over today and it was time for their beautiful 4 month old daughter to eat. I offered to pump fresh milk for them and the mama told me if I wanted, I could just nurse her. I was more then happy to do so (elated might be a word to use....I wanted to nurse a baby with a good suck!!). The mama said baby would LOVE it if she got to nurse since the mama wasn't able to nurse her (or wasn't able to nurse her much, I'm not totally sure). She latched right on and emptied both breasts in a record time. It was pretty fabulous!

I think this probably occurs more often then we would think. As you all read in our previous post Nursing Babies in Event of What If, the three of us have a plan for sharing milk or nursing each others babies if needed. It doesn't even phase us to think about nursing each others babies. This mama was taking my milk and her baby needed to never occurred to me NOT to breastfeed her baby, even though essentially, she was a stranger. In a way though, we aren't. We're connected by our motherhood and by the desire to feed our babies breastmilk no matter what. I can't describe it but there was something so special and amazing to have this mama there who was unable to nurse her baby and to be nursing her baby. I wish I could think of how I want to say it but it just connected me to this mama immediately. It was very special. :)

(On a funny note though, I have to tell you what Olivia said. She was giving us the weirdest look and got a little upset, then said "Mama! She BITE!!!" hahahaha)

What do you think? Would you donate milk? Would your nurse someone elses baby? A friends baby? A strangers baby?


  1. sure, i would be a "wet nurse" as it were. :) with my DS i had way more milk than i needed.

  2. I LOVE this! I love that your donating, and that you were able to give this gift!

    I would donate milk, if I was pumping as much as you were!! And I can say i would nurse a friends baby. But i honestly don't know about a strangers baby.

  3. this is SO awesome!! you rock!!
    I should just live closer to you.. so then If I can't get enough milk, I'll just send him your way... I really hope I'll be able to tho...

  4. I think that experience is AWESOME! Way to go!