Friday, October 29, 2010

Fertility and Birth Control...Um...I'm Irish...

OK, so last month Mama Christa and Mother Hen posted their harrowing stories of trying to conceive their first children. They've been harassing me ever since to add my story to the series. The thing is...

There is no story.

Seriously, the most challenging thing about trying to get pregnant for my husband and I was to get him to agree that it was TIME to try to get pregnant! We were married for 4 years before that decision was finally made and we decided it was time to start a family. Personally, I had been clamoring to have a baby since we got married in the first place...I just wanted to be a mom. Good thing my husband is a little more pragmatic. 4 years of planning allowed me to stay at home with our son like I always wanted. Now I have the best job in the world.

So technically it took a couple months, but really it was a logistical problem. B was out of town during a couple cycles, we were sick during a cycle, and happened. We did the horizontal tango 2 times during a cycle (yea, it was one of those months) but it was over that particular time...and BAM! We were pregnant. Just like that. The same thing happened with this second pregnancy...we started getting the URGE for another baby when Aiden was 1. We started trying and 2 cycles later...BAM! Pregnant again...and I knew it a week before my missed period. Both times I engaged in antics to improve our chances because I was convinced we would struggle to get pregnant. So I would lay for half an hour or so with my hips propped up on a pillow afterwards, sometimes even doing headstands...I'm a little rediculous. I didn't want it to take forever, and being pretty much the only person in my family who has ever TRIED to get pregnant, I figured the universe would strike me down and make it nearly impossible. Not the case eh?

So, apparently my ovaries are like clockwork, my husband's little men are abundant and strong swimmers, and we're made for baby making. In fact, I could have had irish fertility returned almost immediately after Aiden was born despite co-sleeping and exclusive breastfeeding. Just so you know, breastfeeding is not reliable birth control for many women! I was ovulating again before Aiden was even 2 months old. I envy women who do not menstruate for months and even years while nursing...You can talk to Mother Hen about that...makes me want to beat her.

So apparently my fertility problem is PREVENTING pregancy. We've always been very careful about birth control so we don't have unexpected surprises. For a few short periods I used hormonal birth control, but it made me fat, um...dry, and KILLED my sex drive so we've been using condoms ever since. In addition we use some family planning. Because my cycles are EXTREMELY regular and you could set your watch by my ovulation, it actually makes it very easy to NOT get pregnant for us. My husband is overly cautious though, and i think he doesn't trust me to just NOT get pregnant...cuz he doesn't pay attention and would just never know. LOL! I also decided against hormonal birth control because of the risks associated with affecting milk supply in nursing mothers. This just wasn't and isn't a risk I was/am willing to take. At my six week postpartum visit my midwife recommended a product I had NEVER seen before. It was a contraceptive film that is to be folded up and inserted into the vagina. Once there it dissolves and is a spermacide, she said it was as effective as condoms when used properly. I was delighted because, really, who LIKES using condoms ok? I actually liked the product...the problem, and I tell all of you this so that you know to try it over a weekend in case this happens to you or your partners, was that B had a very EXTREME reaction to the spermicide the first time we used it that lasted TWO full days and kept him home from work because he was in such excruciated pain. According to the packaging, the burning he experienced (in his urethra) happens to less than 2% of men. But just the same...try this stuff on a Friday night in case your partner or you have a similar reaction and are out of commission for a couple days.

Look at that, kids...a little of everything...Breastfeeding, fertility, and birth control!


  1. That's interesting....I had never heard of the spermicide film...sorry to hear that your hubs had a reaction! Eek!

  2. lol, that is what happened to me and my hubs. as soon as we mentioned we might want a baby, bam! we were pregos, i hadn't been on any BC for years (i was only with my man) because a doc told me that i couldn't get prego. but as soon as we started thinking about it there she was, then as soon as we said "maybe in a year or 2 we could think about another" and BAM! there he is! lol

  3. You sound like me! I assumed there would be issues so it was kind of like an experiment (have sex between this day and this day, prop hips...) and we got pregnant within 2 cycles both times. Makes it *really* scary knowing it's that easy! Thanks for joining the hop!

  4. I've never heard of spermicide film. Was it easy to use?

    Thanks so much for linking up to this week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop! I'm hope you'll join in again next week - we'll be talking about what "I wish I would have known"