Monday, September 27, 2010

PCOS+a team of doctors=One gorgeous baby girl!

Olivia, the first time we saw her. <3
Shane and I decided to start trying for a baby in the spring of 2007, about 4-5 months after we were married. Sure, we were young (I was 22!) but we knew we wanted kids and I had always wanted them early on. I believe it was probably around March when we made the final decision to start trying. We didn't start on OPKs or anything like that, just doing the deed (and keep in mind, we were newly weds!). After a few months, we weren't pregnant AND I hadn't gotten my period. So I saw a doctor who told me to take ovulation predictor kits (OPK's) for a month to figure out when I ovulated. BRILLIANT idea. Yeesh. Needless to say, I didn't get a positive OPK. Then we went and saw a "fertility specialist" who didn't give me a physical, run any tests or anything. He gave me a prescription and told me to lose weight and come back and see him in 6 months if I wasn't pregnant. I left his office CRYING, I was so humiliated! Shane was beside himself with fury. So THEN, we went back to the regular doctors office who did an ultrasound on my reproductive system. I was told that I had a "string of pearls" around my ovaries but that didn't mean I had Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Which we found very weird because we were told that a direct sign of PCOS was actually a string of pearls around the ovaries...........

Well, by this point it was almost the end of the year and on Jan. 1, my insurance was going to change so I didn't need to have referrals to go to specialists anymore so we decided to wait until January to go see a specialist outside of my network since obviously my network was full of complete nincompoops. So on Jan. 1, 2008 I called a fertility clinic that was near us and made an appointment. I believe it was Jan. 17 or 18. Don't ask me how I remember that though haha! We went in for the appointment and the doctor came in, sat down, opened my file, looked up at me and said:
"So, you have PCOS?"
Ex-ca-use me?! I told him I had been specifically told by last doctor that I DIDN'T have PCOS. And he told us "Well, no offense to your old doctor but I am a specialist and it's pretty obvious by the string of pearls and your lack of period that you have PCOS." He sat down and explained to us what was going on, the medications we would need to take and said "I bet you'll be pregnant within 6 months." After lottttts of medications, ultrasounds and tests, we finally had THE month. The month where we walked into the doctors office, laid down for an ultrasound and saw two big fat eggs about to drop into the fallopian tube and a nice thick endometrium. I SOBBED from happiness. And even better, it had only take ONE cycle of medications to make it happen. Obviously I wasn't pregnant yet but this proved that I COULD ovulate and now we knew what to do. So I went home, called into work **cough cough** I'm soooo sick he he he. I told Shane to get naked!!

Well, we'll skip that, but it was a busy weekend. was just time to wait. And wait. The doctor said I had to wait until March 21 to take the test because of the drugs could give me an incorrect. It was a Friday and I got impatient and took it on a Wednesday. NEGATIVE. Sigh. Oh well, there was always next month (sob). On Friday morning, I woke up very upset from a dream I had had. I'd dreamed that I was laying in bed and turned around and laying beside me was a beautiful baby girl. I KNEW she was my baby girl and I picked her up and cuddled her close. I woke up so upset because I knew that baby in my dream wasn't there that month. Shane, in his infinite wisdom, forced me to take another pregnancy test because that was when the doctor had told me to take one! I was irritated because they don't grow on trees but did it anyways. I peed on my little stick and got into the shower. When I got out of the shower, I picked up the pregnancy test to throw it away and what did I see?

IT WAS POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SCREAMED, running out of the bathroom "I'M PREGNANT, I'M PREGNANT, I'M PREGNANT!!" Shane LEAPED out of bed and just hugged me as I cried. After we calmed down, I told him "Oh and by the way, we're having a girl."

And so we did...
Olivia Carole Phyllis, born 10-29-08 4 lbs 9 oz 18.5 in


  1. That's such a beautiful story :D I have had so many similar dreams, always of a baby girl, I would love to have a baby but my husband keeps saying that he's not ready so I don't push him into it :( hopefully one day ...

  2. That's such a beautiful story :D I have had so many similar dreams, always of a baby girl, I would love to have a baby but my husband keeps saying that he's not ready so I don't push him into it :( hopefully one day ...